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Legacy Waver Forms

2nd Jun 2016


Here is link to instructions and online waver form for legacy competition this weekend. All athletes must fill out if they havnt already done so!

ALL athletes must do the ONLINE waver form and not printable waver form. Instructions for filling out the form can be found at the link above. It is very straight forward and can be done in a couple of minutes. The final step is forwarding Jade a copy of the PDF document they send to you.

Forward the PDF document to jade@jcpompoms.co.uk

any questions text jade 07500554827.

Please note you do not need to upload any pictures or birth certificates etc. its literally just signing an online form.

5th And 6th March

5th Mar 2016

Remember classes off this weekend! 

Aberdeen Competition Notes

5th Mar 2016

Hi all! Here is a few notes regarding Competition on Sunday! 

Remember all dancers must arrive with official competition squad tracksuits and wear official JC clothing throughout the day! 


We advise dancers to arrive with hair and make up already done! 


Doors open at 8.15am! 

If you are supporting solos, duets and trios

Our first solo is on at 10.15am! 


If you are arriving in time for team

Performances only then you need to be at venue for 2pm! No later! 


We have an assigned area for seating however individual seats are not assigned. They will be first come first serve. 


If you have any other questions text Jade 07500554827.

There will be moms on hand during the competition for any new moms struggling with hair and make up etc! 


We will be posting warm up times tomorrow! 


Thanks xx

Competition Dance Teams- Costumes!!

26th Feb 2016


Costumes can be collected this Sunday from the GYM between 2.00 and 4.00pm! They will not be available before 2pm on Sunday. No exceptions!!
If you do not collect during this time period on Sunday then we will arrange another time for you to collect. Please note costumes WILL NOT be given out to dancers at classes. 
Also please note Costumes will not be available to collect until outstanding costume balances have been paid! 
Letters will be given out at this time regarding hair, makeup and accessories. 
Some teams will have extra hair accessories to purchase. Information will be on the letter. These will not be available to purchase on Sunday. It will be mid-week. Again info on letter.

Spectator and Athlete Wrist Bands
We received Spectator and athlete wrist bands yesterday. These will be sorted over weekend and we will let you know ASAP when they can be collected.

In the meantime if you have any questions please text Jade 07500554827.


Extra Practices This Weekend!

25th Feb 2016

Extra Practices!!

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Please note all usual friday and saturday classes on as normal.
Sunday- Tiny cheer, junior 1, youth 1, senior 2, senior 4 and senior tumble cancelled. Sunday studio classes on as normal!

Friday 26th
7.00-9.00- Flames Pom

Saturday 27th
4.00-5.00- Youth Pom Sparks Extreme
5.00-7.00- Youth Jazz
7.00-8.00- Youth Pom Sparks Intensity

Sunday 28th
10.00- 11.00- Tiny Pom (Jades)
11.00-12.00- Junior Pom WIldfire (Funky Team!)
12.00-1.00- Junior Jazz (Jade)
1.00-2.00- Junior Pom Blaze
2.00- 2.45- Senior Jazz Red
2.45- 4.30- Senior Pom Red
4.30-6.30- Senior Jazz White
6.30- 8.15- Senior Pom White