JC News

Youth Pom

30th Jan 2013

Please note both youth pom teams will be cancelled tomorrow night !

Apologies for the short notice . training class will be on as normal.

We will rescedule classes for next saturday. keep checking website for times !



Scotcheer Nationals - Important Info !!

29th Jan 2013

 Scotcheer Nationals – 13th and 14th April - SECC

Please all note we have just received registration documents and information pack regarding this event !


Spectator Information


All cheer teams Compete Saturday 13th April

All dance teams Compete Sunday 14th April


Early Bird tickets for this event are £12 per day. Spectator Pass order forms will be handed out to classes this week (from wed 30th Jan) and will also be available from reception. Please note early bird forms will need to be handed in no later than Wednesday 6th February.


All passes ordered after this date are priced £14. We will then need them handed in no later than the 1st March.  

As we have so many competitive athletes it is especially important for us to get spectator passes in early to ensure we can all get seating together. This is expected to be a very busy event so to avoid the disappointment of not receiving spec passes in the JC area we advise that you get the early bird tickets. Furthermore Seating is given out to teams on a first come first serve basis. We do not want bad seats for this event!


Further information regarding athlete entry forms and ID passes will be handed out in the next few weeks! please keep checking website for updates.



News Update

28th Jan 2013

Below is a  list of all girls who have handed back faulty red shorts.

We have received a couple of pairs that were handed in with no name. if you have handed back your shorts and are not on this list please let us know asap along with what size they were.

Katelyn mcvey- xl

Megan currie - xs

Holly currie – xs

Chiara Sankey – xs

Millie McLauglin – 4xs

Rebecca Thomson – xs

Robyn mcguire - s

Rachael cooke - s

Lauren Kennedy  - s

Hannah Matthews - xxs

Victoria Russell - m

Holly Pollock- xs


if you have received  a faulty pair but have not let us know already please do so today as shorts are getting sent back this week.


Varisity jackets are now availabe in kids sizes! they come in age 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13.

If you wish to place order for this item please place order by the end of feb to secure delivery for the 1st of April.


Please note classes are still on during the feb weekend. Could you please keep checking website for news updates as there will be extra classes put on during this time.


Also this is the end of our 6 week block of 1 to 1 tumble. If you are looking for a place in 1 to 1 please contact me asap with the day and time that suits you best. either a monday, wed, or sat. 07500 554827

If you are currently in 1 to 1 and wish it to continue, please also let me know asap.

Please also be aware that there are not many slots available for 1 to 1.


Thanks J

Snr 3

26th Jan 2013

hi girls, just to let you know that ther is no snr 3 practice tomoz or snr tumble.

Faulty Red Mesh Shorts

25th Jan 2013

i have now a list of all the girls who received faulty shorts and are waiting on receiving the new shorts.

If you have not already done so could you now hand them in to class this weekend.

If you could please pop them in a bag with your name and size required on a slip of paper.