JC News

Cheer Trainers

4th Feb 2013


We are doing one last order for new cheer trainers before competition season starts . 
If you require new cheer trainers please collect an order form from reception ! 

Private Tumble Times

1st Feb 2013

This is now a new block of private tumble starting from tomorrow !

Anyone who was not in last block of privates and has been on waiting list should have a time below.

Anyone who has been receiving private lessons and does not have a time slot we have been unable to fit you in this block. your names are back on list and you will have a slot next time.

If i have missed anyone out please let me know.

Also if there is any issues with times given please let me know asap and we will try and swap.




9.45 - 10.30 - Madison Trainor, Layla Morris and Olivia Downey

1.30 - 2.15 - Emma and Leah Gibson

2.15 - 3.00 - Beth and Victoria Russell

3.00- 3.45 - Megan Currie , Erin Canavan, Gilly McPherson and Rebecca Thomson

3.45 - 4.30 - RobynMcguire, Rachel Cooke, Eilidh McPherson and Keira Campbell



4.00 - 4.45 - Nina and Poppy McBride

6.00 - 6.45 Holly Mardle, Amy Oliver, Jordanne Currie

6.45 - 7.30 - Emma Sweeney, Rachael Canavan, Mhairi McLean



4.00- 4.45 - Connie and Mhairi McFarlane. Karagh and Kayla Divers


Scotcheer Spec Passes

30th Jan 2013

Please note there are NO concession or child tickets for this event ! 

However children aged 5 and under get in for free. However there will not be a seat available for them. They must sit on laps. 


Any questions please text me . 07500 554827 



Tomorrow Night Classes

30th Jan 2013

please note senior stage class (Julie sommerville etc) is cancelled tomorrow and so is senior hiphop.



Youth Pom

30th Jan 2013

Please note both youth pom teams will be cancelled tomorrow night !

Apologies for the short notice . training class will be on as normal.

We will rescedule classes for next saturday. keep checking website for times !