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Competition Dance Teams- Costumes!!

26th Feb 2016


Costumes can be collected this Sunday from the GYM between 2.00 and 4.00pm! They will not be available before 2pm on Sunday. No exceptions!!
If you do not collect during this time period on Sunday then we will arrange another time for you to collect. Please note costumes WILL NOT be given out to dancers at classes. 
Also please note Costumes will not be available to collect until outstanding costume balances have been paid! 
Letters will be given out at this time regarding hair, makeup and accessories. 
Some teams will have extra hair accessories to purchase. Information will be on the letter. These will not be available to purchase on Sunday. It will be mid-week. Again info on letter.

Spectator and Athlete Wrist Bands
We received Spectator and athlete wrist bands yesterday. These will be sorted over weekend and we will let you know ASAP when they can be collected.

In the meantime if you have any questions please text Jade 07500554827.


Extra Practices This Weekend!

25th Feb 2016

Extra Practices!!

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Please note all usual friday and saturday classes on as normal.
Sunday- Tiny cheer, junior 1, youth 1, senior 2, senior 4 and senior tumble cancelled. Sunday studio classes on as normal!

Friday 26th
7.00-9.00- Flames Pom

Saturday 27th
4.00-5.00- Youth Pom Sparks Extreme
5.00-7.00- Youth Jazz
7.00-8.00- Youth Pom Sparks Intensity

Sunday 28th
10.00- 11.00- Tiny Pom (Jades)
11.00-12.00- Junior Pom WIldfire (Funky Team!)
12.00-1.00- Junior Jazz (Jade)
1.00-2.00- Junior Pom Blaze
2.00- 2.45- Senior Jazz Red
2.45- 4.30- Senior Pom Red
4.30-6.30- Senior Jazz White
6.30- 8.15- Senior Pom White

Changes To Class Times!

18th Sep 2015

Please note changes to the following class times! 

These will be permanent changes. 

These changes are due to some girls having cross overs between class times. 

A final confirmed timetable will be emailed out to everyone tonight so you can check classes and times! 


Junior Jazz- (team previously Thursday 6.00-7.00) will now take place on Tuesday's in the new dance studio at 5.00-5.45pm. 


Youth Hip-Hop- Thursday 4.00-4.45. Location New Dance Studio. 


Mini/ Youth Stretch and Technique- Thursday 4.45-5.45. Location- New dance studio. 


Mini Pom- Monday 6.30-7.30. location- Gym. 


Pre-senior Stage (Keira Campbell etc) Thursday 5.45-6.45. Location Dance Studio. 


Slight edit to Monday class times for seniors- 

Senior Jazz red- Monday 5.45-6.30

Senior Pom red- Monday 6.30- 7.30

Advanced senior stage- 7.30-8.30

Senior Pom white- 8.30-9.30 


Thank you.

And problems please text Jade 07500554827 and we will deal with it as soon as we can. 


Please note we are extremely busy just now so we may not get back to you straight away. 




Bournemouth DVDS

2nd Jul 2015

  Bournemouth DVDs are priced at £19 for each DVD.

We need at least 50 DVDS to be ordered for us to receive them at this price. If we then receive over 60 orders DVDs will be £17.50 and we will return the £1.50.

You will receive two videos of each performance. One from a distance where you can view full routine and one with close ups of athletes. Therefore all 27 routines will have 2 films each meaning there will 54 videos in total!

We need orders in before we leave for Bournemouth as it needs to be paid in advance. DVDs will NOT be available after competition.

Please hand in money for DVD in a clearly marked envelope!


JC Dance And Cheer Academy- Dance And Cheer Summer Camps

25th Jun 2015

JC Summer Cheer and Dance Camps

Camps are open to all existing members and any new children that want to give cheerleading or dance a try over the summer! 


We will be running a summer CHEER camp on Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th and Wed 5th of August from 10am-3pm.

Mini and youth can attend Monday and/or tue.

Juniors and seniors can attend Wednesday.

Camp is £25 for one day or £45 for two day. If you have more than one child doing two days it will be £40 each for two days. Camp will include tumble/ stunts and jumps.

The DANCE camp will run Wednesday 12th (open to mini and youth dancers) and Thursday 13th August (Open to junior and senior dancers).

Dance camp will cover dance technical elements, stretch and conditioning as well as having classes in pom, jazz and hip-hop. Camp will run from 10am-3.00pm. Cost £25. Wednesday-

Tiny dance and cheer camp- Thursday 6th August. Camp will run from 10am-2.00pm


Camp will cater for those in competition teams looking to push and improve on their current skills and also open to complete beginners and recreational girls looking to further their skills. This is a great opportunity to polish up existing skills and learn new ones before we select next season’s competition teams.

Fun competitions and prizes to be won throughout the day. All camps will have half an hour lunch break. Please provide pack lunches. (Remember JC Gym is a NUT FREE ZONE! So please bear this is mind when packing snacks. No products with any trace of nuts are allowed) Juice and small snacks will be provided throughout the day.


Please note limited spaces are available at camp so to book your place please sign up ASAP. On booking place at any of the camps you will need to leave a £10 deposit. (Separate deposit for each camp) This will not be refunded should your child not attend. Full payment must be made by end of July. 


 Please sign up for camp in your correct age group. Age groups are determined by your child’s age on 31st August 2015.

Tiny- Age 5 & under

 Mini- Age 8 & under

 Youth- Age 11 & under

Junior- Age 14 & under    

Senior- Age 15 & over


 Summer Cheer/Dance Camp Sign up

Please fill in separate form for each child and hand back in a clearly marked envelope.




Age division for 2014/2015 Season-

Date of Birth:


Emergency Contact Number:


Allergies or Medical Conditions:


What Camps would you wish to sign up for:



I have enclosed £10 deposit/ Full payment For Camp