Cheerleader of the Year 2006

Congratulations to Rebecca Fitzsimons, who has been chosen as
Cheerleader of the Year 2006.

Rebecca Fitzsimons
Age 14
JC Flames

Rebecca entered JC Pompoms as an already strong cheerleader. Since joining, she has continued to progress every skill and build upon her strengths tremendously. Rebecca puts 100% effort into every class by always working to the best of her abilities, and is always in attendance at each class. Rebecca?s hard work and dedication has now definitely paid off and this is how she has now reached this wonderful achievement stage in Cheer and she will continue to grow. If there were ever any events, extra classes etc, you can always guarantee that Rebecca will be there. If she is not cheering at the event, again you can always guarantee she is practising! Rebecca, Congratulations, you have been absolutely fantastic throughout 2006, we all miss you very much and can?t wait until we see you back at training. You are a true cheerleader, a lovely girl with a great personality who always has a smile for everyone. Keep your chin up we?ll see you back in no time! Thanks and Congratulations to the Fitzsimmons family, we really do appreciate all of your hard work and efforts over this year.