Future Cheer Superhero Spirit Challenge - 2009

Future Cheer Superhero Spirit Challenge
JC Shimmer PeeWee Pom 1st
JC Sparks Youth Dance Large 1st
JC Blaze Junior Dance Large 1st
JC Flames Junior Dance Large 3rd
JC Inferno Senior Dance Large 2nd
JC Sparks Youth Level 3 1st
JC Blaze & Flames Junior Level 4 1st
JC Inferno Senior Level 4 1st

Congratulations go to JC Blaze & Flames who were awarded the title of Cheer levels 4 & 5 Grand Champions!

Dance - JC Shimmer

Dance - JC Sparks

Dance - JC Blaze

Dance - JC Flames

Dance - JC Inferno

Cheer - JC Sparks

Cheer - JC Blaze & Flames

Cheer - JC Inferno